Parentsmart Co Certification

Are you ready to become a Parentsmart Company?


For companies that:

  • Show that they actively work for a sustainable combination of work and parenthood
  • Give practical support to employed parents – and show the ROI/Return On Investment
  • Want to be attractive employers where talents develop and stay through different stages in life
  • Strive for more gender equality in the company
  • Want to contribute to a more gender equal society (working with CSR)
  • Understand the impact of sustainable workplaces, making use of all resources in a smarter way – also all competence


Companies working actively with:

  1. Parentsmart Dialogues: structured and regular dialogues with managers and employees. (from leader training to meetings for employees on parental leave)
  2. Parentsmart Ambassadors: strategy to identify, describe and spread internal manager & employee role models and concrete examples/stories/quotes from everday work life.
  3. Parentsmart Co Policy: internal guidelines for managers & employees about Co support to employed parents. And the ROI.


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