Home from a city and country of contrasts…

Back home from Tokyo again. Tired but happy.
Almost overfull of impressions, inspiration, ideas, questionmarks and great contacts for the future.

A couple of strong beliefs did have time to find their place in my mind though:

I have a strong feeling for the Japanese ambitions within my area of interest and passion – the possibilities and values combining work with family life. During the time in Tokyo I met many Japanese persons with the same driving force, striving towards a common vision, eager to exchange experience and ideas.  The different perspectives created important questions, thoughts and ideas. The question WHY is crucial in both countries. And my focus with the initiative ParentSmart Companies is to spread one of the answers. It is important in creating a society and workplaces where combining work and family is not only possible for a private cause, but also a business value for companies and crucial for a country solving problems with decreasing birth rates and GNP.

One step at a time. Focus on trustworthy contacts and networks.
It is overwhelming coming to a country where the prio political issue, big potential in companies and amount of people engaged in finding solutions is so huge within the main area for your work. It becomes necessary to find a way to be a part of the development without losing focus. I decided to identify a couple of ambassadors, with trustworthy networks, to continue spreading ParentSmart Company ideas in Japan, hopefully adding to the attitude changes needed. I think I pinpointed and connected with some of them…from a wellknown professor, an author and central persons in the government to the biggest Japanese newspaper and business magazine. Relations to develop further.

I strongly believe that Japanese companies can become ParentSmart, but finding and spreading good examples will be crucial to succeed. Together with ParentSmart ambassadors in Japanese companies, government and research/Universities I want to find role models to spread, and I will continue following and sharing experiences from the country of contrasts and possibilities.

Below some contrasts showed by another strong passion of mine…fotography.

Amazing nature vs high tech buildings in the middle of the city..

Bild   DSC_0337   DSC_0333 DSC_0218

Stress vs zen atmosphere in Tokyo.. Businessmen rush hour in the metro at 10 o’clock…pm..! Huge lot of tourists in Asakusa trying traditional transports. Completely slower tempo in the many wonderful parks…

Rusningstid..   DSC_0074

DSC_0194   DSC_0320

DSC_0235   DSC_0176









Om tiinabruno

Coach/consultant, offering company programs, lectures and coaching with focus on how to profit from partenthood at work. In swedish the name of the concept is "Föräldrasmarta Organisationer".
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