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I get the oppurtunity to meet, listen to and learn about Japanese circumstances in the most efficient and interesting ways here in Tokyo… Like at the Japanese-American Women in Business Summit yesterday, with Prime Minister Abe telling the huge audience about his wish to get more working women, to continue developing the country, raising the birth rate and GNP. At the same time a lot of people still strive for finding and being ”the perfect wife” = obeying and serving her father until marriage, then her husband and later her son..
Japanese fathers spend in average 1h/day on their child and household. 30 min with the child. A man heard from his employer that ”more time would spoil your kid”. Japanese mothers go home to their parents to learn how to take care of children, so fathers truly believe they are not ”educated” or suited for childcare…

With respect for a different culture and strong traditions the goal with more working women needs attitude changes among parents, husbands/wives and employers/managers. It will be very interesting to continue following, and maybe adding something to solve HOW…. Attitude changes take time, but I believe 100% in the power of role models and story telling as the easiest and most believable tool. PROOFS are needed, proofs of WHY, from convinced role models. Among parents – for their childrens’ future attitudes combining work-family. Among managers, showing the company value with parents spending more time with their Children.
= ParentSmart attitudes!
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Om tiinabruno

Coach/consultant, offering company programs, lectures and coaching with focus on how to profit from partenthood at work. In swedish the name of the concept is "Föräldrasmarta Organisationer".
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