Blog kick-off for Föräldrasmart/ParentSmart Companies in Japan!

Feeling lucky…today I go to Tokyo! 🙂
Next stop on the Swedish Institute (UD) global exhibition and seminar tour ”Life Puzzle – the combination of work and family”. I participate in seminars and panels to talk about the initiative/concept ParentSmart Companies, this time for japanese companies, politicians and media – title ”Can you afford not to be (in) a ParentSmart Company?”

This feels rather fantastic – what if the ParentSmart Company-ideas in some way could have even a small impact on attitudes in Japan concerning the company value of having employees both working and being active parents…emphasizing the Company benefits and ROI with parental competence. The challenges in Japan need concrete action to be solved and are given high priority right now in many ways, not at least by prime minister Shinzo Abe. Many highly educated women stop working as soon as they get children, and they might not start again.. And the birth rate is on a critically low level. There are many important initiatives and discussions taking place right now to find solutions. I am really looking forward to participate in some of them in Tokyo next week..!

I started writing the Swedish ParentSmart-book in Cairo – so why not start a ParentSmart Blog in Tokyo?! Perspectives inspire and give me energy to write… 🙂

Follow me on the ParentSmart journey both to Japan and further on if the subject interests you too.



Om tiinabruno

Coach/consultant, offering company programs, lectures and coaching with focus on how to profit from partenthood at work. In swedish the name of the concept is "Föräldrasmarta Organisationer".
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