Joe, an American dad on parental leave in Sweden, met and interviewed Tiina Bruno, a Swedish mother of 3 children, thought leader, management consultant and founder of the Swedish concept Parentsmart Companies – for employers supporting their employed parents and also showing the ROI/Return On Investment.

Parenthood is valuable at work everywhere!
Get inspired and become a role model to develop attitudes, norms and methods in your own company and country. Here is the place where you can find out more about HOW.

”Many employers view parental leave as a recruiting tool, a perk to attract top employees. Very few recognize what it really is: a management training course for their employees…”/Daddy Joe

One part of the Swedish Parentsmart Co initiative is to identify and spread examples of parental skills useful at work, as well as employer strategies to support the combo work-family. Tiina wants to gather stories and videos from different countries – no matter where in the world. Parenthood ROI for employers is a universal example, applicable everywhere. But we need more local role models, stories and exchange of best practise. Just write to us if you want to contribute with examples, stories/quotes, photos or videos about parental skills useful at work, and how your employer supports the combo work-family, and you may be published on the global Parentsmart Company website. And tell us if you want to know how to become a Parentsmart employer and role model for others.

-> Send your quote/story/video/photo to info@foraldrasmart.nu
Add your name, country, employer & title, age of children.


Tiina Bruno believes in global exchange of experience, for all societies to develop faster. She is often invited to international conferences to discuss in panels and workshops about employer strategies for combining  work with family and increase gender equality. Right now she is active in discussions about how to show ROI with paid parental leave in US companies, the challenging development of gender equality in Eastern Europe and the development for working parents in Japan. Follow her work and ideas on this page (see the Blog for ex) and on the Parentsmart Companies Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ParentsmartCompanies/ .

And follow her continued discussions with Daddy Joe, soon going back to work, into the new role of a working father.

About Daddy Joe:
”I’m in the midst of a wonderful Swedish paternity leave; but it’s not all lattes and lounging. Subscribe to my channel to follow the highs, the lows, and the doldrums of an American father navigating paternity leave in Sweden.”


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